Dark Courtyard

Dark Courtyard

It has taken quite a while to decide on the balance of the light in this view that was taken through an archway into a courtyard in central Glasgow. Fellow photographer Simon may be able to identify the location…..

I wanted to maintain the impact of the sunlit background and in doing this I decided to give only a hint of the forms in the rest of the scene. An HDR would have evened out the detail, and the lighting and the contrast would have been much reduced.

What comes out of the camera isn’t always what we want. I had metered for the highlights, but even so there was a lot of information recorded in the shadows, though I felt that this was a distraction. The colours were also edited so that the signage didn’t stand out…. a more simple colour range helps to integrate all the elements.

I have thoughts about the composition……..perhaps you have too……



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