Street Portrait

Street Portrait

Here I was trying the same approach that I took with my India street portraits. You can’t just wave a camera in someones face without asking them first, especially in Glasgow, and only one gentleman said no, though he was quite affable about it. I suppose there’s a tendency to go for interesting characters and these are older people by and large. Younger people are not so easy and they generally go around in groups. I would like to attempt some of these but an old guy taking such photos is likely to be thought of as a pervert……which may, or may not be true….but it does make me very cautious….

The Barras is an interesting open air market. I was visiting here with fellow photographer Simon who advised caution. I was told very forcibly that I couldn’t take photos at one point…..I responded by saying that it was a public place……but with the heavy mob looming around one stall, and discretion being the better part of valour…..I moved on…..while the camera remained intact……



9 thoughts on “Street Portrait

  1. I really do enjoy all your portraits … you’ve got a great way of not just capturing the face, but of letting their personality shine through.

  2. I’ve no experience with it, but I’ve heard/read that using a long lens from afar would allow for the intimate close-up shot without the bother of introductions and granted permissions….. 😉

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