Variety is the spice of life, so on a day when I post a lovely blue sky picture, it’s only right that a rainy day gets a look in. After all we have tended to have more of the latter up to this point in the year…..moaning again Smithy….. no, not at all, in fact there are as many photographic opportunities on dull, wet days as there are on sunny days…..and actually when you don’t have to contend with the high contrasts of the midday sun, taking the pictures can be easier, and working in less than ideal weather forces us to try harder to find subject matter…..though whether this photo delivers I’m not sure.

The Wasps Studios in High Street, Kirkcudbright, (that’s Ker-koo-bree) are artist studios rented out to up and coming artists from the area, and they are open regularly through the year, including the arts and crafts trail in August. The Summer Festivities have already started and details of events can be found here.

Let’s hope that while the festivities are on the weather is of the blue sky variety.




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