Garvellan Rocks

Garvellan Rocks

The Garvellan Rocks lie just offshore at Mossyard and protect a lovely stretch of sand on the boundary between Fleet bay and Wigtown Bay. In this view we are looking south west across Wigtown Bay towards the Machars which is a peninsula with some early Christian sites associated with Saint Ninian.

The choice of black and white for this picture was determined by the desire to give emphasis to the structure and forms of the rocks, and this is most clearly done by removing the distraction of colour. Monochrome images also convey a sense of timelessness and sometimes of melancholy, but I have resisted the opportunity to tone this photo on this occasion…. just to ring the changes a bit.



7 thoughts on “Garvellan Rocks

    • It is, Noeline….but don’t you think that a photo can make a place ‘different’ because of the way it isolates a small part of the total experience….this is not actually how I feel about the place…you know, that it’s primarily rocky, because it’s actually a wide expanse of sand at the end of a lovely coastal path….and there’s little sense of scale in the picture either……rocks are a bit like fractals, whether you’re close up or far away they always exhibit the same structural characteristics……odd really…

      • I think this is heading back to “the camera doesn’t lie but the photographer does”! Not exactly lying but we can certainly change how a place looks by the perspective and framing that we choose 🙂

        • Thanks again Noeline, I suppose it’s partly about interpretation and expression…..and we have the freedom to express that different ‘angle’ on a story… reality is relative to where you are standing both in the literal and the metaphorical sense….

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