Sometimes I have a picture in the files and although they are clearly not for publishing, I keep coming back to them…………. perhaps it’s the challenge, or maybe there’s something about them that I like, so I persevere with them. This was taken in the Kerala Folk Museum in Kannur and is a view along a very dark corridor with a little light filtering in from a window and doorway. I can remember taking the shot, knowing that it was unlikely to work because the low light and general gloom was going to give me either a blurred hand held shot, or an image with plenty of grain.

My camera handles low light pretty well and the image stabilisation allowed me to take the frame at 1/30 at F/5.0. I had brought the exposure compensation down to -1 EV and was shooting here at ISO 5000, so fingers were crossed. Then I had to decide what to do with it…..

Well in the end it was the lovely grain that made all the running, so I cropped it way down so that the grain was visible. This is actually about 11% of the frame…… nuts, or what?

Ah, well, I like dark images; it has a sense of mysterious expectation: I was pleased with the divisions of the picture space, and though I might not hang it on the wall……it appeals to me…..



3 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. Those pictures you take
    and let me tell you that
    those are not deliberate mistakes
    it just makes people shake
    their head sideways 🙂
    to check if they are awake
    tell them..you can take
    if they ask you what?
    answer.nothing I forgot
    emptiness with light
    darkness and no one within sight
    I wanted to go left
    but ended up against this wall
    on the right 😉

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