Some recent portraits have been just a little experi….mental ………probably the latter.

This is the charming Maria who was Kim Ayres excellent assistant for the open studio event. Writing in his blog Kim said, “While I was busy photographing people, she was welcoming other visitors through the door, explaining the set up, encouraging them to take part, getting them to fill out a model-release form, telling them how cool they looked when the photo was printed, and sticking the images to the wall. It’s fair to say the weekend wouldn’t have been anything like as successful without her.”

….and not least she took all comers in her stride, including those irritating ones who tried to photograph her…….thanks Maria.



6 thoughts on “Maria

  1. I look at you Maria
    Your red hair
    and eyes they say
    what can a lens capture ?
    that you can not cover in your gaze
    those eyes they wait
    they speak
    and feel
    and I feel it too
    as many did
    and would do
    Maria you were the stopper
    of this show
    and the usherer
    that sure is a way to go 🙂

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