Bluebells & Beech

Bluebells & Beech



The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that the woods here have been identified by two different spellings. Castramont is the correct spelling… least that’s what is on the map, but the other spelling, that of Carstramon, is the name of the house at the northern edge of the wood. I have been challenged when selling prints of this area that I have made an error when using Castramont. In the end it is common usage that determines what places are called, despite what the map says.

Galloway has many forests though many of them are conifer plantations, so it’s a real joy to walk amongst these mature trees especially in Springtime when the flowers carpet the ground, and birdsong fills the air.



9 thoughts on “Bluebells & Beech

  1. I really like this image John, the trees give it great drama! It is interesting that though we were in the forest at the same time that you saw something different to me. So I would say to others not to be put off by other photographers beautiful images of scene that you would like to shoot, shoot it anyway because you will see it differently. Vive la difference!!

  2. Gorgeous image, John…would love to walk among the flowers, but would be fearful of causing them harm…so I’ll enjoy your photograph more completely instead.

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