The Wasps Studios are a superb facility for artists in two neighbouring eighteenth century town houses called Cannonwalls and Claverhouse in the rural town of Kirkcudbright in Dumfries & Galloway. The fourteen studios are occupied by painters, printmakers, sculptors and textile artists, and they bring a rich vein of creativity and skill to the town to enhance events such as the recent Spring Fling Open Studios weekend, and the forthcoming Kirkcudbright Arts & Crafts Trail that takes place at the beginning of August.

Maggie Ayres is a mixed media and textile artist who produces fabulous work that explores texture and colour in a highly creative way. She has recently been working in encaustic which I really liked, with its depth and translucency that combines threads, ink, pastels and other materials.

You can view Maggie’s work here…….



6 thoughts on “Maggie

    • Mmmm……I notice that you put a question mark at the end……the question is….is it a portrait, or was the inept photographer trying to photograph the work when the artist got in the way?
      Actually Maggie has quite beautiful hair, though she wasn’t at ease with me snapping her, so this was a compromise. I like her thoughtful look as well… artist pondering.

  1. Being a portrait photogapher, it can be frustrating when your wife hates having her photo taken. However, Maggie says she’s OK with this one 🙂
    Great texture!

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