Still Life Competition

Still Life Competition


I have been fortunate to have had one of my photographs shortlisted for an on line competition for a second time. This time it’s a still life competition on The Digital Lightroom website.

The compilation above shows the ten finalists with my picture ‘Late for the Party’ shown bottom right.

If you have the time, please visit the site here, and cast a vote. You must, of course, decide which picture is the best…….though I would hope that you might choose ‘Late for the Party’, despite the strength of the other entries.

Oh, and Ian, ……..please don’t vote this time……….unless it’s for the photo with the teddy bear……….you soon discover who your real friends are……..o.k. I know that you like steam trains, and that last time you voted for Helen’s winning picture……





5 thoughts on “Still Life Competition

  1. Really difficult because all the images are fantastic. But as I told you when I saw your photograph, it’s fantastic!!!! So, I voted it. 😉

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