Forest Tree

Forest Tree


The woodlands at Carstramon are at their most beautiful at this time of the year when the fresh leaves appear on the forest trees. At this time too, the woods are full of bluebells and visitors come from far and wide to take in the magical carpet of blue. I will shortly post a view of this wonder but having taken so many pictures, finding the one that best depicts the scene is not going to be easy…..isn’t this the greatest joy and the greatest curse of the digital camera…..we take too many photographs.



14 thoughts on “Forest Tree

    • Indeed, yes………but when spring bursts forth, we go around with mouth agape… it’s wow! look at that….at almost every turn…..and in the excitement we can lose our discerning eye!
      Thanks Mr B.

  1. Yes, we take too many … and for me at least, am still getting used to the fact that only a handful are worth keeping. It’s a learning process but it’s one I am loving. The tree in this shot is amazing

  2. Digital photography has eased the learning process – but having learned how to make photographs the next step is learning when to stop. I’ve improved considerably here, often only taking two or three, until I go to an event of some sort where I take far too many as I don’t want to miss anything. Trawling through them afterwards and deleting the majority reminds me I should be more selective – until the next time!

    • Good morning Noeline. We shouldn’t feel too bad, after all, we’re the only ones who know how many we’ve taken. If we reflect on how wildlife or sports photographers work….taking multiple images to capture that one perfect photo….then we’re only doing the same. Another thing…my memory is fading, and I rely on my photos to keep the memories fresh and comprehensive….so I keep on ploughing through my back catalogue.

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