Torrs Point

Torrs Point


It’s been a lovely day here today and I worked in the garden all morning without a coat, which is a first for a year that’s been quite cool right through to the middle of May.

After lunch I decided to take full advantage of the sunshine by going for a walk along the coast with Toby. The walk to Torrs point is now signposted and new gates have been installed for walkers alongside the gates used by the farmer. With most of the fields full of inquisitive young lambs, poor Toby had to stay on his leash, but despite this there were plenty of distractions that kept his nose pinned to the ground most of the way. We spotted some large hares with very long ears, and a couple of small deer that bounded off into the old woodland in the Torrs Bottom Plantation. There was a pair of swans on the small Torrs Lake, and on the coast we saw a couple of geese fly past, heading up the estuary. At the point itself a small mob of crows seemed determined to disturb the tranquility by having a noisy dispute.

The view was taken at Torrs Point, looking south east from Kirkcudbright Bay out into the Irish Sea, and you will observe that the sun had withdrawn its services momentarily.




10 thoughts on “Torrs Point

    • Thanks Scott. Having looked at a geology site, I believe that it’s late Silurian sandstones and mudstones and I noticed that some of the strata is vertical, so it has been squashed a bit…..

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