Cochin Ferry

Cochin Ferry

I arrived in Kerala on 16 February with a day to kill before Ian arrived from Thailand, so I caught a taxi from the airport to the ferry terminal and waited for the boat for the short crossing to the old trading post of Fort Cochi.

At the airport I had exchanged some stirling for rupees but the man in the ferry booth wouldn’t accept my proffered 100 rupee note and with the ferry waiting to depart, there wasn’t time to go into town to find somewhere to change it.

One of the locals, seeing me struggling with my heavy case in the heat, thrust a 2 rupee coin into my hand for the fare, and refused to take the 100 rupee note in exchange.

So this post is dedicated to that man who kindly gave me two rupees…..not a princely sum…..but a princely gesture.



19 thoughts on “Cochin Ferry

  1. A great shot that has really captured the bustle of the moment.
    …. and what a kind hearted soul. One of the great things about travel is the kindness of strangers – it reminds you that there are some genuinely nice people out there.

  2. John – TYPICAL! People are very kind towards tourists on the whole – I am glad you had such a nice experience in “my” Cochin. The photo is really beautiful – this soft sepia just perfect. I can see that the original colour photo would not have the same great impact. Take care, John.

  3. A princely gesture indeed…such moments inspire me, truly. I like the sepia finish, John…very fitting for the subject and the surroundings.

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