The Express

The Express


We left the hotel in Kochi by auto rickshaw at 08.00. Unfortunately none of us had checked the train times so it was just a little worrying when Ian looked at the tickets after we settled in the auto to discover that the train departure was at 08.10 from Ernakulum Junction. Despite the heavy traffic, and encouraged by the thought of a larger than usual tip, the auto driver threw caution to the wind and we raced onto the platform and dived into the second last coach as the guard was raising his flag.

All the rear coaches were full, so we stood in the open doorway until the next station stop at Aluva where we tore down the platform to coach D3 to find our reserved seats. Fortunately, the rest of the journey went without a hitch and there were plenty of interesting people to chat with until we arrived in Kannur at 14.20.




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