By the Tunnel

By the Tunnel

You may be getting the idea that I like steam locomotives…..and of course you would be correct. Steam disappeared from the mainline railways of Britain in 1968 when I was 25, so my early years were dominated by visits to see locomotive depots around the country. In my schooldays friends and I had the time of our lives catching trains from the sooty but wonderful confines of Birmingham New Street station, or better still from the lofty and superior Snow Hill station to all points south and west, and today we are very fortunate to have so many excellent private steam railways, run by enthusiasts, where we can take our children and grandchildren to give them just a glimpse of what the good old days were like.

This example is a scene on the North York Moors railway which is great for a family day out.



3 thoughts on “By the Tunnel

  1. I adore steam trains.. and I was 14 when they stopped ad living in Swindon, home of the Great Western railway. I used to love watching them when I was a child.. I was, and still am, in awe of their power

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