Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove

In this view of Mullion Cove we are looking south west with the outer harbour wall on the left and Scovarn on the right. The nearest headland is Laden Ceyn and the small island is The Vro……just thought you would like to know where we are today…..and it’s the rocky coastline of the beautiful County of Cornwall……..and by golly, it was cold…..



15 thoughts on “Mullion Cove

    • Not sure….just over the rocks down on the right that are reached from the harbour wall, Mr C……and I too, took the boats drawn up, like you….but nowhere near as nice as your shot…..

  1. Fabulous, John!!! I like very much the composition, light and processing of this image!!! The depth provided by the light and misty atmosphere and the textures are fantastic!!!

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