Spring Time …..!

Spring Time


An extra post today……to mark the first day…..perhaps, the only day….of Spring. It was warm with the sun shining down from the blue heavens as if it always did.

I went for a long walk with Toby dog, along the west side of St Mary’s Isle. The woods are full of daffodils together with the last of the snowdrops, and we sat on a large boulder on the shore, with the warm sun on our backs, and with the woods alive with bird song. It was peaceful, though a few minutes earlier poor Toby had been surrounded by five dogs that suddenly came over a short rise to surround him, barking madly. Not sure if one of them nipped him, but it left him trembling and wanting a cuddle and reassurance….just like a child. I do wish people would keep their wild dogs on a leash.

So there you are, Spring has arrived, though there is still drifted snow on the banks, some two weeks after it came down for twenty hours out of a slate grey sky. I am amazed that all those daffodils survived 36cm of snow but perhaps it was not so thick under the trees. Tomorrow’s forecast is rain …..but it’s going to get warmer……



5 thoughts on “Spring Time …..!

  1. Refreshing image this morning, John…have seen quite a few Daffodils here, too…and we’ll be getting a bit o’ rain today, as well. I hope you’ll have more than one day of Spring this year….

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