Snow at Over Hazlefield

Snow at Over Hazlefield


Today I drove east along the A711 to see my Ma and Pa in Panackie. The snow of last Thursday and Friday still lies thick on the hills where it drifted off the fields into some huge drifts up to 15 foot deep. Above Dundrennan in particular, it was impressive where the ploughs had cut a narrow defile through the snow. Local farmers have been struggling to get fodder to livestock and many sheep have been lost to the snow when they sheltered at field boundaries, so it’s a difficult time especially at the start of lambing. Dairy farmers have had to pour away thousands of litres of milk because milk lorries have been unable to get through.

Despite this, it has been quite beautiful at times, and so I stopped at several places today to capture the heavy snow showers.



6 thoughts on “Snow at Over Hazlefield

  1. Tough – but beautiful. This is a lovely picture and I love the ‘olde worlde’ yet timeless look you have managed to achieve both with your composition and post processing.

    • Thanks very much, Noeline. I feel that this is close to the quality that I used to aim for when working in the dark room….it has a more organic rather than mechanical quality that digital usually gives.

  2. It is beautiful, John…and while it causes some difficulties, some loss even, I can’t help but admire the way it looks. I love the falling snow, too…and the finish.

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