Spice Warehouse

Spice Wharehouse


Najeeb’s auto rickshaw, called ‘Ferrari’ and with the number KL-7 U 1252, took me to this warehouse that backed on to the waterfront at Fort Cochi.

This is a spice warehouse, and the aromas were heady and powerful. In these sacks were cinnamon sticks, dried leaves of oregano, coriander, bay and mint, there was cardamon, clove, ginger and vanilla, not forgetting nutmeg, black pepper, rosemary, curry leaves, thyme, basil and sage, all competing with one another to create a dense onslaught that assailed the sense of smell in the heavy, humid air. I can’t look at this photo without remembering the pungency of the place.

Fort Cochi, Kerala, India. 16 February, 2013.



9 thoughts on “Spice Warehouse

    • As you know, most drivers in India believe that they drive a Ferrari…..and we went far on our safari in a Ferrari.

      …….but I’m not sure you would like smell-o-vision photos from the fish market…. 🙂

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