Fisherman’s Invitation

Fisherman's Invitation

We have just walked through the shore fish market and we’re on our way to the ferry over on the right that will take us back to the mainland. This old chap is inviting you to go and have a close look at the Chinese fishing nets that you see behind him. They are weighted by large stones and swing out over the water to scoop up the passing fish. He seems to be a friendly guy, and I know that it’s hot standing over on the jetty, but why don’t you go and have a look, and afterwards we can watch the sun go down and then it will be a little cooler. Perhaps later you will feel like a meal. We could go and have a grilled fish at that restaurant just the other side of the ferry landing stage…….I’ll leave you here for a while, I just want to go back to the market to take a few photographs…..see you later…..



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