He’s a Laundry boy 2…..

Laundry Boy 2

When you’re ‘on the hoof’……tearing around with camera in your hand, you have to make very rapid decisions about what to take, where to stand, and how to frame your shot. With landscapes you are moving through it until you come to that point where it all lines up…..that magic moment where you see the conjunction of all the elements. Often it’s a very precise point in space and time and moving even a few inches breaks the synergy.

With portraits the confluence is more problematical. So you see a character and you see a location and more often than not they don’t come together. Then you have to frame the shot. Yesterday’s photo of the boy in the laundry had all the elements but also too many distractions and so you resort to cropping because he was away beyond some tables and getting closer would have changed the intensity of the gaze. With that picture, having lived with it for a few days, I now think that the cropping was inadequate. Cropping is a way of paring the image back to leave you with just the essentials and at the same time you have to balance space and form, weight and tone, detail and openness.

With today’s portrait I had to decide between accepting the distracting surroundings by using the entire frame, or cropping tightly onto his craggy features.

….it’s always going to be a compromise….don’t you think?



11 thoughts on “He’s a Laundry boy 2…..

  1. Closely cropped portraits are my favourites lately. I like the clear features in this one – otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed the tiny rims of blue around his pupils, which immediatly caught my attention… I find them interesting…

  2. I like it a lot, John…the intimacy of his face and eyes without what might be distractions in the background…very nice…such character in the image.

    • At the time you are only concerned with grabbing the shot…..it’s only later that you try to deal with the positives and negatives…..but his characterful face was never in doubt. My worry with all these portraits is….will they say no, or change their mind about being photographed.

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