Waiting for Departure

Waiting for Departure

A picture that tells it all about the potential joys and excitement of a journey behind a steam locomotive. The road ahead leads off into the smoke and steam, and through the tunnel, where for a moment in darkness, wreaths of smoke penetrate the open windows, and the pungent mixture of coal and engine oil joins forces with the roar of the engine exhaust  to assail the senses.

A classic, end of platform view, taken at Grosmont on the North York Moors Railway.



10 thoughts on “Waiting for Departure

    • I really miss them as they were a major part of my teenage years. They disappeared from the UK 45 years ago and I can still recall the excitement of a mainline terminus, or seeing them thunder past a wayside station..

  1. Have you ever looked at O. Winston Link’s photography? http://www.linkmuseum.org/ Truly an amazing story of trains / photography. During this trip (I’ve been traveling for business for a week), I’ve seen trains in Roanoke, Ashland and Richmond. Tomorrow … Alexandria. Your photo is wonderful and makes me regret not spending more time shooting the trains.

    • Thanks LB, yes Winston Link’s photography is amazing. I recently was given a book of the railroad photography of Richard Steinheimer who also took some atmospheric shots of steam. I too regret not taking more when steam was widespread.

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