School Friends

School Friends


An animated group of children on their way home from school in Panjim, Goa, India. This is just a short way up the coast from where I am at the moment, so it’s possible that I won’t be replying to your comments for a while. Even so, keep them coming. It’s a joy to hear from you.



8 thoughts on “School Friends

  1. I love this picture, especially him on the right – what a great expression! I hope you had a safe journey and are having the most wonderful time. Keep in touch if you can, we can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back xxx

    • Hi Ellie, yes, having a great time. Each day seems to be a weeks worth of interest, like yesterday, we spent the morning viewing high rise condominiums……for some reason that escapes me…..and in the afternoon we went on a hairy road race to the mountains to see waterfalls. Beautiful place, with monkeys……and spectacular falls….food’s pretty good too, but must stay off the rice or I will come back like a balloon…….love to you both….hope you are feeling well….!

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