Locomotive at Bridgnorth

Locomotive at Bridgnorth

A blast from the past…. This painting was done on the spot in the yard in front of the engine shed at Bridgnorth in Shropshire. It is unfinished. I’m rather slow at painting. These days, health and safety regulations prevent you from standing here, but then there were no such worries.

We came here for two days. On returning for the second day’s painting the engine had been moved….. I had a look around and found the engine inside the shed. The shed foreman, on seeing me there for the second day, arranged for the yard shunter to drag the engine back out into the same position.

It was a bit windy, I recall, and you can see evidence of that if you look closely. There are small bits of dust and ash stuck in the oil paint. The other problem with painting locomotives is getting the wheels right…..as you can see, I didn’t….the perspective’s not quite correct as well…… you’re too critical smithy!!



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