Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters


The Malabar Coast of Kerala is famous for the Backwaters, where channels and canals link the lakes and inlets along half of the length of this South India State. This is where I will be taking in the sun and relaxing on a kettuvallam in a couple of weeks time…. bliss

The kettuvallams are wooden hulled houseboats that take you at a gentle pace through the waterways. On my last visit here we became stuck a couple of times in channels blocked by dense banks of floating water hyacinth. I don’t know if I will be able to update the blog while I’m in India but I hope to post enough to cover the time away.



19 thoughts on “Kerala Backwaters

  1. A lovely tranquil photo; shame about that pylon though – were you tempted to remove it?
    I have that with some of my travel shots where it’s tempting (briefly!) to remove ‘nasty’ bits. I decided against it in the end as that was what the place was like when I was there. It’s one thing cleaning up litter but changing the landscape doesn’t seem right. Just interested in your thoughts on this.

  2. Hi Noeline, I certainly do edit pictures and can sometimes spend a long time doing it, but only if it’s a competition or exhibition print. With my blog pictures, like this one I will crop and then edit the tonal balance and change the colour of the light…here it needed warming up. My art background deems that good pictures are sometimes ‘made’ rather than just taken, a view that Ansel Adams also had, though he was the master and the rest of us are mere apprentices.

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