There are things to regret


There are things to regret. The age of the electron, when the only thing we ever touch is a plastic key or a shiny screen. The only face we see is pixelated. The only voice we hear is generated by a vibrating diaphragm.

Have you felt the vibrations of a file on metal. Have you sharpened a tool….seen the sparks fly….felt it jump in your hand. Have you enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing a drill cut accurately into the punch mark and turn the swarf in spirals. Have you hammered a nail, tightened a screw, pulled out a staple………..have you made something and checked its dimensions…..planned a job, done a drawing, filled a hole, papered a wall, stretched a canvas, wired a plug, tiled a roof………..

Have you done something tactile in the real world today…..

There are things to regret.



7 thoughts on “There are things to regret

  1. This reminds me of my early years working as a trainee accountant, many of my clients were in the metal bashing business, I can smell the metal now just looking at this…nice piece on the modern world John

    • Ho, Ho….. On reflection, I’m not sure that I regret not doing some of those things….painting skirting boards might be one….and patience is wearing thin when comes to cleaning the car….
      Thanks Andy.

  2. Hmm…I used a real ink-pen to write several things today…that probably counts. 😉

    Nice image, John…and there is a bit of poignancy brought to mind with your image and words…let’s not get too automated, eh….?

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