Morris Oxford

Morris Oxford


From a long line of cars built by Morris Motors at Cowley, Oxford is this Morris Oxford that appeared in 1948. This version appears with a modified radiator grill which dates from 1952, so this example is dated between 1952 and 1954 when the model was replaced. This style of car was familiar all the way through the 50s, and when I first visited India in the 90s I was amazed to see the widespread use of the same body style as taxis, though these were based on the slightly later Oxford. They must have been built in India in the thousands as they are still seen all over the country.

FAG 268 is in beautiful condition and was photographed at the end of August 2012 in Kirkcudbright.



7 thoughts on “Morris Oxford

  1. loved your pictures John. Re India, are you referring to the “Ambassador” car? It is still being used as a taxi, but they are getting to be seen less on the roads now. A bit cumbersom I think. Also not A/C. They also slowly becoming a minor export article for Europeans.

    • Indeed, yes, I have been driven many miles around India in an Ambassador…..even along empty rural roads the driver honks the horn twice every 15 seconds… least a daily car hire doesn’t cost very much.

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