You might have noticed that photographs of flowers are quite rare on smithiesshutter. It may be that they’re difficult to frame, or that I’m not keen on single blooms floating in a blurred space…..or it may be that they’re close to the ground and seeing what’s in the viewfinder is tricky unless you’re flat out. Whatever the reason…..here are some daises growing at the side of the path that runs along the Dee.

My new camera that arrived last week has a tilting screen so perhaps there will be less of an excuse to not photograph flowers in the future.



9 thoughts on “Daises

  1. Beautiful photo, John…I love the perspective. I did have some similar shots of dandelions quite a few months back, but it was from having lain in the dewy grass of a morning…getting very close to the subject. What a notion, to have a tilting screen. I like the results….

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