A Year of Smithiesshutter

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One year ago today I set out on an adventure. I have discovered a lot about my photography and on the way have met some lovely people and have made many new friends. Some of you have made a remarkable contribution to the blogging experience and through your interest and contacts I have discovered your world of blogging…..and what a world that is. Not only are many of you accomplished and inspiring photographers, but your blogging often shows a depth of knowledge and research. Many of you combine your photography with some talented writing that adds a fascinating dimension to the experience of visiting your blog. My sincere thanks to you all.

This selection …..one from each month of 2012….is somewhat random, and a very personal choice. I hope that it might encourage more recent visitors to have a look around

Regards and best wishes


22 thoughts on “A Year of Smithiesshutter

  1. Beautiful, beguiling and inspirational pics as always. I love getting my daily smithiesshutter email and only wish I had signed up a year ago! Here’s to another year ahead of brilliant blogging. See you soon xxx

  2. A fantastic set of images and a pleasure to enjoy your great work during this year. I hope to continue enjoying it for a long time. Thanks for sharing it!!! Best wishes.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my recent post. Appreciated! You have some great photos, and varied too. I need to follow your example and vary my subjects. Cheers!

  4. What a beautiful collage of images, John…. It’s been great visiting with you these many months, sharing in the array of your own images and words. Congratulations on the first year…I shall be here waiting and watching for more…you truly inspire me in my efforts at being a better photographer…thank you.

    • My dear friend, you are too kind……and just when I was going to take a break from blogging, you will be waiting and looking out for my posts…..so I can’t stop now….this means that I have to go out and take yet more photographs…..it’s as well that I’ve just bought a new camera……
      Thanks Scott…..totally against my will, I am persuaded….

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