From the Files

From the Files

From the files…….and this must be at least eight years old because it is from the Minolta Dimage 7, my first digital camera. I could identify when it was taken but that would entail some time consuming searches through the iPhoto Library and in any case it doesn’t really matter when it was taken. It still has to be judged by the same criteria used for judging today’s photographs.That being so, I wish that I had cropped some of the sky…..

This is a small rocky inlet on the west side of Kirkcudbright (that’s Ker-coo-bree) Bay, close by Nunn Mill Bay. The angle of the low sun suggests that it’s around midwinter. I think that I put a texture filter on this, probably because the original picture was noisy.

From what I’ve said you might assume correctly that my picture files are not easily accessed for subject matter. Some master photographers tag all their images which is a good idea if you’re just setting out as a photographer though doing that now would take me the rest of my days. They are just stored by date in folders that carry a brief identification of location. The total of 11,500 images takes up 396 GB and there are about the same number again stored on DVD… that crazy, or what?

Even more absurd is that I very rarely delete any, so by the time I lose my wits there could be several terabytes of pictures for posterity….or more likely, the trash can. In the meantime, I suppose showing a few here is better than leaving them hiding away on a hard drive.



13 thoughts on “From the Files

  1. I file my images in the same way but am also fairly free with the delete key! Even so, there are still a mass of folders to look through. I have been wondering about tagging software but haven’t really looked into it properly – I probably ought to before the task becomes insurmountable 🙂 It also seemed daft to have, and keep taking photos, that never saw the light of day which is why I set up my website and blog. As you say, at least a small number face the world!

    • Thanks Noeline, I suppose if I was a professional photographer there would be a need to tag. One alternative would be to store images in folders assigned to various locations but then I would also keep them by date as well which would mean duplication of images. This is where tagging is better because it acts as a search aid and thus no duplication.

  2. Lovely image, full of texture and interest.
    I tag everything when I download (after identifying the keepers) and store them in a year folder then subject matter folders. I also name the file by camera/year/subject which works for me, but there is no right and wrong way, it is how it works best for you at the end of the day. I still have heaps of film though that I hope to scan one day!

  3. What interesting trees, John…I would have imagined that the photo was from India or Cambodia…but instead, it’s right there in your back-yard, so to speak…. I thought about the sky, too, but then thought you’d have to cut the cloud…and how does one do that properly if it doesn’t reach across the entire frame…? Maybe that’s why you left it the way you did. 🙂 Or maybe not……

    • Hi Scott. Yes, it is an unusual grouping of trees. You mention the East……I have just booked a visit to the south of India in February. The weather here at the moment is miserable so I am really looking forward to some sunshine.

      • Very good for you, John…seems that you’ve had some wonderful times over there, from the images I’ve seen anyway…. I shall look forward to the bounty that you bring home with you…..

  4. i like this image. Like you I have a large back catalog of files, over 50,000 images on my external drive at the moment. I need to start tagging and being more disciplined. I use Aperture as my database at the moment (and use Photoshop and come Nik plug ins for processing). Am considering starting afresh with Lightroom.

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