Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset

Sometimes you don’t realise what you’ve got until you try it out. A set of images taken at a small roadside lorry park had some obvious contenders, see

….and you go through the motions, especially with HDR sets, trying out each in turn, but this photo was a surprise.

I like it for lots of reasons. The colour of the low sunlight against the reflected blue sky light in the shadows. The way the processing brings out the gorgeous textures of the ground stones and water. The balance of the patches of lighter tone, and the way the colours pan out, particularly the greens on the trailer against the greens of the landscape, together with the punctuation of the reds. You make choices in the way you present an image, so there are many ways they might go but here I was certain that the framing needed the bit of sky as well as the cropped red light on the left . I also recognise that there are a number of areas of focus and these create a little tension across the picture, but I can live with that.

So there we are, I’ve stated my thinking and the rationale that led me to place this silent and fixed asset on smithiesshutter. Now it’s over to your good selves.



2 thoughts on “Fixed Asset

  1. A very tangible fixed asset John. I once advised on the costs of a tanker wash, a slightly larger fixed asset used to clean (wash out) the likes of your fixed asset. Bet you weren’t expecting that as your first comment!!

    • It did cross my mind whether it was as dirty inside as on the outside. We tend to take it for granted that food hygiene is taken care of. I’m glad I don’t have to look after such assets.

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