Wet Woodland

Wet Woodland

I sometimes feel that January is a non month, certainly in this neck of the woods. By the time I’m over Christmas and the New Year, it’s February, and days like we’ve had today…….a few hours of daylight, and with a heavy overcast; so pretty dark, damp and dismal….don’t encourage you to step outside, despite the fact that it has been unseasonably mild. Most shops in town close when it gets dark at about 4pm, mainly, I suppose, because there’s no one out there wanting to buy anything.

But I did go out…..well Toby the dog would have been giving me those black hard-done-by looks that cut deep….so we went along through the park that overlooks the town and he had a run on the green. Then I called on our friends who live behind us on the hill to give them a Christmas gift. No they haven’t been away, it’s just that it was wrapped and left in the garage and I forgot about it…..

Anyway……today’s picture should have appeared yesterday but yesterday I didn’t manage to lick it into shape, so today’s the day. Even so this photo has defeated me. It was one of those pictures that shows some promise but after cropping it everywhichway, and then trimming it a bit more it remains a sow’s ear.

I firmly believe that subject matter like this often appeals to the naked eye but rarely works as a photo, even when pared down to 15 pixels. The solution is to shoot in 3D…..that’s what makes the subject interesting……the spacial depth……unfortunately most people don’t have the knack of crossing their eyes when looking at a stereo pair, so it’s a pointless exercise……still it might be worth trying….



5 thoughts on “Wet Woodland

  1. My wife used to say that January means that summer is almost here…but that was when we lived in Arizona, and she wasn’t too far off…. I hope things dry out a bit for you over there…hope those tad-bit longer days bring you a bit more light, help your spirits a bit, maybe…. As regards the photo, I happen to enjoy it, I like the trees and the light of the movement of the water…but I do understand, a little bit anyway, the frustration of seeing a great image, and then the photo, no matter how cropped or adjusted, just doesn’t come about, doesn’t shine the way the live, first image did…hmm…what to do…?

    • Hmm……my feelings about it are possibly that it was rushed. I had pulled onto the verge of a fast road near a bend and although there wasn’t much traffic it made me aware that I should take the shots quickly. It needed to be a tripod shot as well. I was also excited by the concept of a flooded wood with reflections backed by the last vestiges of a blue sky. The reality was that the roadside location limited my viewpoint and the light was going. Since putting this up I’ve been trying to find some stereo pairs that I took a few years ago. If I find them, I will post a couple……and the weather is more of the same…..rain all day, mist on the hills….dreich as they say round here.

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