The Bay

Robin Hood's Bay


Known as Bay Town locally, Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire was suffering a violent storm on the night of 18 January 1881 when a brig, the ‘Visitor’ that was owned by a forebear of the family, ran aground on the treacherous rocks in the bay. The crew lashed the jolly-boat to the mast of their vessel and spent the night being tossed about on the huge waves. Next morning they were spotted and the lifeboat was called for. Unfortunately the lifeboat was old and unseaworthy and the men refused to risk life further by taking it out.

The lifeboat in nearby Whitby was telegraphed but the distance around the headland together with the fierce storm made launching the lifeboat a futile effort.

The people of Whitby decided to take the boat by road over the moors through deep snow the six miles to Robin Hood’s Bay, and with 30 horses and hundreds of men they reached the shore in two hours. They put out to sea several times, returning with all the oars on one side broken and the crew exhausted. With a new crew they eventually reached the wreck and all were brought ashore alive. A heroic rescue.



18 thoughts on “The Bay

    • Hi Helen, I was trying to give a more 3D quality to the foreground by separating it, then gave it a shadow…..a bit spooky isn’t it….after all it is Bram Stoker country.

  1. A plaque in the town records that a brig named “Visitor” ran aground in Robin Hood’s Bay on 18 January 1881 during a violent storm. In order to save the crew, the lifeboat from Whitby was pulled 6 miles overland by 18 horses, with the 7 feet deep snowdrifts present at the time cleared by 200 men. The road down to the sea through Robin Hood’s Bay village was narrow and had awkward bends, and men had to go ahead demolishing garden walls and uprooting bushes to make a way for the lifeboat carriage. It was launched two hours after leaving Whitby, with the crew of the Visitor rescued on the second attempt.

  2. John, this photograph still stays in my mind. I am doing a photo challenge this month on my blog, only with other people’s photographs. The word prompt for today is dark. And this photo immediately came to my mind. So many of your photographs stay in my mind for days and weeks and months, it seems, now. I am going to post this photograph, I hope that is okay, of course I have links to your blog and am crediting you. Please let me know if you would like me to take your photo down.

    I come to your blog now to look at your nature photos and find myself doing a meditation practice while here with an eyes open meditation. You are very gifted and I love your work. Good and healing thoughts to you.


    • My dear Kate, I am so amazed, touched and appreciative of and by your comments. I have used painting as a means of exploring student understanding of colour and shape in relation to their personalities and nature….which was always informative and surprising. That you use images as a part of meditation is very interesting….I do hope that they bring insights and refreshment…thank you very much. Best regards, John.

      • Hi John,

        Well I have to say that normally I use music and singing in meditation, but your photography, specifically your nature photography, inspired me to try it. They have such depth and richness to my eyes. I have to say it is a very wonderful experience for me. They help me to enter into a deeper level of relaxation. I am a Reiki energy healing teacher and I have been considering looking at some of your photography during some sessions when I am doing Reiki distance healing.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


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