Steamed Up

Steamed Up


Those days between Christmas and New Year are dreamy days when nothing happens except a little indigestion and those aromas connected to an excess of turkey and stuffing, if you know what I mean. Days of particular lethargy when even the dog seems loathe to cock his leg any further than the front porch. Days when the remains of mince pie are discovered down the side of the sofa and the pile of gifts have yet to find a home. Days when you wake up half way through North West Frontier, never ever having seen the beginning. Days when you would rather watch The Two Towers with adverts rather than rummage through the bookshelf upstairs to find the DVD. Days when you feel like a pudding. Do you feel the same way too.

Well tomorrow………tomorrow will be different. You will get up at the crack of dawn…..even if that isn’t till 8.30…….and you will start planning the rest of your life.

Just stop dreaming……..that’s what old men do…..and do it….whatever that might be……write a book, paint the house, take up archeology, book that trip to India.

Live each day as if it were the last……



13 thoughts on “Steamed Up

  1. Live each day as if it is the last.. and try a few acts of random kindness.. they’re always good 🙂
    I love this photo, John. Both artificial light and natural sunlight.. nice job.

  2. While I cherish you and our friendship, John, I do wish we had known each other when I was a younger man…I admire your lived wisdom and vision…. Thank you for your words, again.

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