Out of The Fire 2

Out of The Fire 2

Then there was morning and she recognised a second day. On the second day she sensed the wind brushing through her thoughts and she felt refreshed by it and her heart was awakened to the fragrance of the fresh earth and of the flowers therein. She dwelt in the garden amongst the flowers, for it was a place of refuge, and she knew that it was good.

Around the garden did stream a great river of pure water and she felt its cooling flow in her mind and she sensed its teeming life and was quenched by it and became one with it. She called the River Gihon which means refreshing stream of consciousness.

In the four days that followed she tasted all that was there, and it was good. Even as she added to her knowledge of the place and immersed herself in its joys, she felt that which she had placed in her deepest mind, and she ached for it.

In the darkness of the seventh night she rested, and listened, …… and listened: and heard only the faintest murmuring in the East.

On the eighth day she followed the river to where it joined with three others and here there was another great garden, full of scented and fruiting trees. As she paused by the river a mist went up from the earth and it watered the face of the ground and there, under the dripping trees she could hear a voice, far off, and it called to her; spoke of her: cherished her, desired her, and sang to her; and it was disconsolate.

She went to it, full of hope and love.

He was startled when she asked his name.

“I am Adam” he said.

Eyes wide open she lunged, screaming at him. “You burned my house ……… burned me……. I hate you!”

….. and they came and sedated her …..

Even in her detachment her mind sought to assuage her anger.

She went back as far as she could in the spaces of her mind and touched the burning.

In the exercise of her consciousness she felt able to contain it, and then found the power to cast it to where the brightness was at its most intense.

Almost immediately it became a blackness at the centre of things: … a spreading canker of blackness ……

She withdrew from it, not understanding how this could be. She sensed its intensity and it challenged her, and all around her was the essence of sulphur, it pervaded all her senses, ate into her thoughts. It was gritty, cloying and it drew her further in. She struggled to leave its hold.

The darkness now had a form which she felt to be malevolent and very, very powerful.

She fled.

She would not go there again.


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