The Monreith

The Monreith

The 1880 built schooner ‘Monreith’ was carrying a cargo of granite kerbstones on a passage from Newcastle in County Down to Silloth in Cumberland when on 12th, November 1900, disaster struck. Perhaps her skipper was seeking shelter in Kirkcudbright Bay but the vessel struck the bar at the mouth of the estuary and she was driven over Milton Sands by the incoming tide and a no doubt a south easterly gale. The ‘Monreith’ quickly grounded close inshore at Goatwell Bay.

Kirkcudbright lifeboat was launched but fortunately the crew of the stricken vessel had by then managed to reach the shore in the ship’s boat.

For one hundred and twelve years the winter storms have taken their toll, and only a few ribs of the ‘Monreith’ remain, but despite this the wreck is clearly visible from Dhoon Bay and visitors walk out across the mud to view the remains at low tide.




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