Estuary and Bridge

Estuary and Bridge

Saturday, December 1, and at exactly 15.49 the sun sets behind the old milk plant. Two days later the building was erased from the Kirkcudbright skyline after standing there since 1934.

Yesterday’s post showed a view of the Wellspring which lies a further 100 yards behind us along the banks of the River Dee. This small fishing boat, the Loch Ryan Lady, has been slowly falling apart for a good few years as well, and like the Wellspring is no longer sea worthy.

Beyond the bridge stands the main part of the town. On the left is the outline of McClelland’s Castle and next to it is the tower of the old Tolbooth, formerly the town gaol and now an art gallery. Beneath the bridge we can see the Fredwood II that featured in a photo on the December 7 post.




6 thoughts on “Estuary and Bridge

  1. I like it a lot, John…all of it…and I wonder, too, is it common for the old boats to be abandoned and remain there on shore until the land and sea reclaim them? I think I’ve seen at least one or two other boats in your posts that seem to have had a similar fate….

    • Yes Scott, there are a few abandoned boats along the Dee Estuary, about 3 of the larger fishing boats with wooden hulls and maybe a few smaller rowing boat size ones. I suppose that they just become too expensive to maintain. There’s a small marina here as well and a few of the boats there don’t seem ever to be used. It may be that the owners are getting as old as their boats ! There’s a wreck out in the bay that will shortly feature in an upcoming post.

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