Harbour in Winter

Harbour in Winter

Fredwood II sits on the mud in a deserted harbour view that was taken in mid-winter when even the townsfolk were sitting by the fire. As for tourists, no doubt they were jetting off to warmer climes. Even so families are preparing for Christmas and the shop windows are colourful in their wrapping paper red, and Christmas tree lights are beginning to appear, shyly hiding behind part-drawn curtains. Soon families will be visiting, and children will be riding their new bikes along the quayside. By then we shall be passed the shortest day and although winter will hold its breath for some time yet and the scarves will still hang by the door, the longer days will hold the promise of a new year and brighter, warmer weather to come.




4 thoughts on “Harbour in Winter

    • Ah, but someone needs to be out enduring the cold to take the photos so that those inside toasting their toes can appreciate their home comforts and be glad that they’re not outside in such bleak conditions….. 🙂

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