Looking Back

Looking Back

A glimpse is all we get ,

perhaps that’s all we need.

Layers of memory glint under the lights,

shiny paint and old rubber…..

the camera doesn’t lie, but it rarely tells the whole truth

so where is it…..what is it………….

the why is easier…………

I like a mystery, and the composition, and the colours, and the abstract nature; they all appeal to me.



8 thoughts on “Looking Back

    • I need a mission….sometimes life is too complicated for a mission. Immersed in doing, resolving issues inside my head, keeping to time. The camera…..today I left the camera…..I walked further than usual….found a new path but it ended having barely started and I ended up in the graveyard with its monuments and stones. It rained.

      The car, of unknown pedigree, was in the transport museum in Glasgow. The old museum. The new museum has the old cars suspended half way up a wall. To what end, I ask myself. A museum is place that you go to study….not old cars making a spectacle of themselves.

      Last night on the way to Stranraer for a talk I took a photo in the dark from the moving car…..going around a traffic island…..I often wonder if that could be my mission….the roundabouts and traffic islands of Dumfries and Galloway…..

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