The day we made the Christmas Cake…..

The aroma is just lovely, butter and castor sugar, eggs, flour and mixed herbs, and loads of sultanas and currants plus lemon juice and zest. Heavy going with all those to be stirred, and of course it’s finger licking good when you’ve emptied it into the cake tin. So yesterday was the day. The day we made the Christmas Cake……….and then Simon rang.

Going where…….to photograph what…..TANKERS……

He arrived just after I’d finished licking my fingers.

Tarff Valley, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway…………with the sun shining!



10 thoughts on “The day we made the Christmas Cake…..

  1. I like the idea of making a Christmas Cake. Every year I think of making my own traditional Fruitcake, but have yet to do it. Somehow this photograph doesn’t fit the story but, on the other hand, sometimes why should it?

    • ……it’s all about consequences….the photo is the outcome of the story.

      And when I arrived back home the house was filled with the wonderful smell of freshly cooked cake….magic.

        • From the domestic perspective, and with a list jobs nailed to the door, one has to be diplomatic about the demands of photography….doesn’t one… Simon needed me to hold his tripod, didn’t he, even though it was baking day……friends just happen to ring at the most awkward times… was not pre- planned, honest.

          It’s the same with meetings….yes dear I know it’s Monday, but the committee have called a meeting and it can’t be missed….

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