The Bridge and The Dairy

In Memoriam: the Milk Plant is no more. A feature of the skyline of Kirkcudbright since 1927, the site has been reduced to a pile of rubble as have the jobs that went with it. Strange thing, economics. The milk tankers now have a very lengthy journey every single day and the cost of clearing the site and paying redundancy to the men must outweigh the small gains made in centralising the processing of the milk. It’s a pity they don’t have to factor in the misery for those laid off.

So it’s Sunset for the Dairy.



4 thoughts on “The Bridge and The Dairy

  1. It’s the same mentality as when the mines are shut, those up top who have too much money anyway are scared of not getting as much each year so they shut them down. Beautiful photo though 🙂

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