Standing Tall

An old oak tree stands defiantly against southerly gales at the point where the Abbey Burn reaches the sea at Abbey Burn Foot. Beyond it Netherlaw Wood crowds the narrow glen up towards the village of Dundrennan with the remains of its 1142 Cistercian Abbey. Located just a few miles east of Kirkcudbright, this small shingle bay is sheltered from the prevailing westerlies by Abbey Head and the rocky coast which demonstrates its ancient occupation by the many and mysterious cup and ring marked rocks.

This is a single photograph which has been tone mapped and converted to monochrome and has been given a hint of blue toning.



14 thoughts on “Standing Tall

    • Yup, as a monochrome it’s moody and menacing….perhaps suggesting a narrative….as a colour photo it was devoid of any interesting qualities, so I was quite surprised at the transformation. Thanks Helen.

  1. The twisted branches are fragmented at ends but reaching out,curving near the rippling stream and the clouds they stand far and stare, slowly those lined move one step up and stop..yes..Macbeth time has come, trees are moving .

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