Valley of the Cree

The Cree valley contains a number of SSI sites and in particular the oak woodlands that are survivors from ancient forests.

The Glenhead and Buchan woods are situated in a spectacular upland setting on well-drained slopes, and major streams pass through all of the woodlands to enter Loch Trool.  The lower slopes of the woods, especially at Glenhead and Caldons, contain mounds of glacial debris, and drainage is poor in the hollows.  Large glacial boulders, erratics, are strewn across the floor of the woodlands.

The sessile oakwood has Birch as a major canopy component, the understorey consists of hazel and rowan with some hawthorn, holly and ash.  Coppicing of the oak commenced in 1820 but had ceased by 1900. Wet woodland with Alder is found in undrained hollows.

This small glimpse was taken in Glenhead wood and although I was planning a three picture HDR image, this single exposure produced the best result.



7 thoughts on “Valley of the Cree

    • Hi, and welcome. Comment much appreciated. Plenty of rain…is what we get in this part of the world….indeed the Cree was in flood this afternoon after the gales and heavy rain today.

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