Water of Minnoch

There’s something special about woodland and water. Being under the canopy of trees with its rich undergrowth of lichen covered tree trunks and boulders is special enough, but somehow a stream defines the experience. The sound draws you in. The throaty roar of a big fall as the water rushes and plunges is what we gravitate to, and the water shapes the landscape, cutting the ground to expose the bedrock, and making the course of the river an exciting scramble over slippery rocks as it twists and turns down its narrow valley.

This on the Water of Minnoch on the road to Loch Trool in the lovely hills of South West Scotland, and is a merging of two exposures.



5 thoughts on “Water of Minnoch

  1. Another beautiful shot. I really like how you ceased the movement of the water. Very nice contrast in the water and the vibrancy of the leaves and moss. Robyn

  2. Wonderful words about the wild water, John…I am so there with you. It’s always great being out in the canyons and mountains, hiking, exploring, and finding water simply adds so much to the experience….and a beautiful image….

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