Cloud over Fleet

A cloud that’s been hanging around……in my files, for a while now……..

….something quite simple and easily overlooked.

Truth to tell, this November 6, 2011 photo, taken looking north east across Fleet Bay, was underexposed by a third of a stop which left it looking quite dull…..and almost not worth a second look, …….but perhaps I was getting desperately short of photos to post.

I took it because of the ripples in the sand. Simple things please simple minds, maybe………… perhaps it’s true what they say, though, about things simple and uncomplicated.

Only it reminded me of the work of Olli Kekäläinen. I follow a good few excellent wordpress blogs. Olli’s sense of mystery and darkness has always appealed to me and although his staring avatar could spook you, you might want to delve into his work. Part of his appeal is that he doesn’t say much, so he doesn’t give much away…secretive even, and his post titles always hint at the narrative that you want from his responses, but don’t get. I like his constructs and his reticence.

The blue border?  Well it’s interesting how it changes its optical tonal value against the colours in the picture…

Today we held the Stewartry Camera Club Open Day. It was wonderful and the place was buzzing all day long. So I would like to say a big welcome to all those of you that have visited my blog for the first time today as a result of us meeting up at the open day event. If you like what you have seen, please come back soon, regards, John



11 thoughts on “Cloud over Fleet

  1. ….good idea…..some posts are done at a gallop…..will give it a try, though having darker blues in the foreground and the contrast with the sand might go…..thanks Mr SP….

  2. I like those lines in the sand, also, John…my eyes were drawn to them…caused me to ponder them for a bit. Thank you for the link to Olli…wonderful work…dark-ish…beautiful.

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