Fine Furniture

I thought this item of furniture in the classical style, seen in a window in Parnell Street in Dublin, was especially fine, and most unusual. This post gives you two pictures for the price of one………so I’ll leave you to sort out the confusions while I get on with preparing a set of photos for the print shop. Hope your weekend is going well.



4 thoughts on “Fine Furniture

  1. I guess I might have some time to try to sort things out, especially given that my cluttered desk is about 12 miles down the road right now…there seems to be three planes or levels in the photo…although two is probably more likely…while I understand that the white lines are probably simply decoration on the furniture, they do seem to fade off of the wood and exist as a decoration on the glass itself as we lose the dark wood in the image of the street scene of the reflection…. Quite compelling, John…very nice.

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