Put out to Pasture?

If you are alert today………..if you have been paying attention………you will be saying to yourself…..’Smithies up to his old tricks, trying to pass off a photo of something we’ve seen before.’

Well, sorry about that, but it is a very fine looking locomotive despite the fact that it was built in the USA……….sorry, no slight intended, but to British eyes, your locomotives do seem to have a lot of very untidy external plumbing…….. but this one is very smart indeed, and no doubt an asset on the Churnet Valley Railway. So today’s post is at the request of Mary Gilmartin who wanted to see the whole…….well lets get it right Mary…….a train is the thing it pulls, so this is a locomotive…………even the BBC gets that wrong.

……….and although it’s standing in a pasture, hopefully it won’t be put out to pasture for a while yet.



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