The Farm Track

It were a right cold day when this snap was exposed. Snow lay in the hills and handling the camera with gloves on is always tricksy, and then you find you’ve changed the ISO instead of the white balance. This I consider a very pointless picture, but then I was in a point and shoot anything mode. Unfortunately no hissing locomotives here, just cold ears. I tried very hard to make a silk purse with sepia toning and darkening the sky. The sow’s cold ear is still very evident however. Maybe tomorrow’s picture will be more promising. We can but hope.



15 thoughts on “The Farm Track

  1. Interesting what Belgrade streets said about the tree in the background because before I read that I tried masking the top of the photo as I scrolled down to a little above the chimney on the right and that really does make the tree in the background the focus 🙂

  2. I do love it, John…the color and the effect go so well with the subject…maybe reminiscent of my childhood walking the lanes in Germany. I can feel the cold ears and fingers, too. I think it’s a lovely silk purse, even if you say that it’s shaped as a sow’s ear! 😉

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