A change from all those landscapes. A night time stroll through the city presents all kinds of different experiences. This view was taken from the elevated walkway outside Kawaramamachi and shows a part of the set of neon signs on a 50 Yen store. Playing around with it, I decided on this crop………not sure that quite enough pixels remain here, but this is all about experimenting with composition.

Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan




6 thoughts on “Neon

    • Yes indeed…..but variety is the spice of…..and too much landscape can be too much of a good thing… the occasional abstract helps to overcome the boredom……maybe!

  1. Like the composition. I always find it really annoying when I get home, download the shots and the ‘perfect’ composition emerges – why doesn’t it co-operate and show itself when you’re on location? 🙂

    • Hi Noeline….it takes second or third visit before I can make the best of a place, though here I was in ‘record shot’ mode rather than in ‘arty composition’ mode….even so, cropping is a useful way of exercising aesthetic sensibilities… 🙂

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