A February Sunset


Can’t say I ever look forward to winter, but it can provide some different photo opportunities, though going out when snow blankets the landscape can be only for the hardy….some might say, foolhardy. This visit was such a case. This view looking north west from the side of May Hill in Gloucestershire looks out over beautiful rolling countryside, but getting up there proved to be slightly more dangerous than I expected when I skidded to a standstill on a sheet of ice and eventually made it to the top by driving off road. The nice sunset made the trip worthwhile.



11 thoughts on “A February Sunset

  1. I still adore the winter…maybe it’s from having lived in a desert for so long, but the return to a place where there is snow on the ground, blanketing the mountains and canyons, has been a wonderful thing for me. I love the photograph, John.

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