Colin’s Retreat

Colin's Retreat


A few days ago I posted a view of the doorway to this fine establishment, where the Autumn leaves were beginning to gather. This is Colin’s retreat. A comfortable chair, some good books, and no telephone…………..well, none that work. We’ll have a peek inside in a day or two. Colin is rightfully very proud of his shed. It’s a place where you can happily place all those old and interesting odds and ends that won’t go in the house, but are still worth looking at……..sort of ‘arty junk’…….well you can see some of them from here. What’s so nice about Colin’s shed is that nature has been allowed to take over, as we shall see.

This is an HDR composite, but since Lesley wrote that she didn’t like too much ‘grunge’…….it set her on edge, she said, …….. and not wishing to upset her……..well, not too much……….I have recombined the HDR with one of the original exposures……..hope this is better Lesley…….shame about the composition though…..



29 thoughts on “Colin’s Retreat

  1. This is fantastic John.. The colours are great and I just love the feeling it gives me. I really would love to have this as my room… Thanks for sharing it..


    • ….I’d have to get the duster out πŸ™‚

      I must say that we don’t spend enough time contemplating, reading, or is too much of a gallop, though a room without a computer or phone would give me apoplexy…..

      • Don’t worry about the duster…if you cleaned it up a bit, it wouldn’t be what it is. And you’re right, life is too much of a gallop…but I wouldn’t mind the room without the computer or phone…with all of this blogging and being connected, I rather miss my books…. Anyway, have a good day, my friend…enjoy your running to and fro…. πŸ™‚

  2. Ooo ‘ec I am almost afraid to comment now, but… I will! This is a brilliant composition with a fascinating content, I could look at it for ages and see something new. The HDR combo is OK and a lot less in the face, but a little too soft for my liking, I would be tempted to add a little more sharpening around the wonderful chair area , my eye wants to settle on some sharpness there. Dont SHOUT!

    • Oh, Lesley, never be afraid to comment, I’m a long way away, so can’t throw anything….you are spot on with your comment about sharpness, I have been very busy getting ready to visit family and have prepared two weeks of posts, all done in a rush, so it isn’t perfect. Will redo this image when I get time……….and I’m NOT shouting… πŸ™‚

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